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As a center of esthetic and reconstruction dentistry with implantology, DEG offers you a unique, professional experts and modern technology treatment.

We offer many dental treatments in the area of oral surgery, but we put the accent on implantology which is our area of expertise. Here in DEG, we use the highest technology model of implants of the most famous world brand- Nobel Biocare.

At DEG all patients receive a free consultation as well as complimentary imaging by digital x-rays. On the day of your first visit, you will meet with our team of specialists who can discuss all your treatment options and alternatives. Any concerns such as your medical history/ current medications, necessary consultations with your existing physicians, and modality of anesthesia will also be discussed during your initial visit. We encourage patients to do their research on both -our staff of trained professionals as well as the DEG techniques and materials we use here at DEG. We are confident you will agree our experience and facility sets us apart in the field of advanced implant dentistry.


Oral Rehabilitation through implants (rehabilitation of totally edentulous patients with All-on-4TM technique, placement of unitary implants or fixed bridges over implants).

Esthetics Dentistry

Restoration of teeth which are suffering from caries lesions, alterations in shape or colouring (caries treatment, correction of teeth with fractures, whitening…).


Reconstruction and repair of damaged teeth as well as the placement of implant-supported fixed prosthesis (unit crowns and partial or total bridges).


Diagnosis and treatment of diseases which affect the periodontum, the set of tissues responsible for maintaining the firmness of teeth in jaws (treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis…).


Treatment of pulp pathologies, responsible for dental nutrition and sensibility (root canal treatment).

Oral Surgery

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of alterations, lesions and pathologies of the oral cavity (simple extractions, unerupted teeth extractions, treatment of infections, cysts removal…).

Oral Hygiene

Diagnosis, prevention and therapy of oral diseases, as well as, teaching and demonstration of specific techniques to the improvement of oral health (scaling, application of fluoride and sealants).

Discover FAQ

What are dental implants for?

They are used to fix a crown, a bridge or a prosthesis that replaces one or more missing teeth. The aim is to improve your health, chewing function and/or aesthetic appearance.

What are the advantages of replacing lost teeth with implants?

1. Fixed bridges supported on implants normaly give the comfort and sensation of natural teeth;

2. A removable prosthesis that replaces some or all of the teeth can also provide a high level of comfort providing it is well anchored on implants;

3. Neighbouring healthy teeth do not have to be prepared to serve as anchors for the bridge

How missing teeth affect your bone health?

A missing tooth can affect your bone health,causing bone tissue to diminish.

Are implants painful?

No. An effective local anesthetic is used before surgery so no discomfort is felt during the intervention. Any mild discomfort that may be experienced after surgery can be controlled with the conventional painkiller tablets recommended by your dentist.

How should I clean my dental implants?

Dental implants are basically cleaned in the same way as your natural teeth. However, it is particularly important to clean in between the implants or between your remaining teeth and implants. Special interdental brushes may be used to facilitate this along with dental floss.

How often should I go to my dentist to have my teeth cleaned after getting dental implants?

Your dentist will put together a maintenance program appropriate to your individual needs. As a minimum, an annual check –up is likely to be recommended, but supportive periodontal therapy every three months could be necessary if you have had tooth loss due to periodontitis.

Will smoking affect the success of my dental treatment?

Smoking increases the risk of implant complications just as it increase the risk of periodontitis around natural teeth. Smoking cessation is recommended before implant treatment takes place in order to assure a better treatment outcome. However, implants are successfully placed in a high percentage of patients who smoke.

Are dental implants contraindicated?

Implants are very rarely contraindicated. But, of course it will not be possible to receive dental implants if you are taking specific drugs medically compromised.

What is the healing time for implants?

Generally, implants require a healing time of tree to six months before placement of the prosthesis, but there is a possibility to have a temporary crown, bridge or removable prosthesis during the healing period.